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Dr. Schimizzi has been helping people live life to their fullest potential since 2002 in his clinic in Hanover,PA.

As an unconventional trainer, Dr. Schimizzi has worked with many clients to help them achieve their personal health goals utilizing his out of the box methods based on research. Dr. Schimizzi is currently working on a cookbook that he and his wife Jennifer have been creating.


This is Jan. 1st 2018 I started this change on Nov. 18th of 2017 and I can tell you this works. I eat what is recommended and I am down 42lbs. I have diabetes and I was taking insulin. The word is WAS now I do not take any insulin for the last 6 weeks and my numbers are great. I can’t wait to get to my goal and get on with the new way of living.

Thanks Again Dr. J

Perry M.

How to Build a Super Gut:

A New 30 minute Webinar by Dr. Jason Schimizzi. Free for a limited time for all of our current patients and website visitors. This wide ranging podcast covers all the ground surrounding gut health and how a healthy gut can protect against inflammation and autoimmune diseases like diabetes and cancer. Dr. J takes the time to dive deep into this important and often ignored area of every day health.

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