Your Gut, Your Health

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Listen everyone – I did this originally as a Youtube Live webinar that was supposed to be just about 20 minutes. We had a really good time and I was able to step back and really focus on some big points that I normally don’t get to fit into the short little 30 second commercials or 10 minute radio segments. I feel very constrained when I do those because there is really only time to say “Hi, we do weight loss, give us a call why don’t ya”. Sitting down with you LIVE on Youtube and being able to control the flow is just great. It is very new for us and we are going to get better at our graphics and such but I am so happy to finally be able to take time to go over all the important aspects of our program and how it is meant to target health with weight loss as a by product rather than the primary purpose. This video is very friendly to share – we focus almost exclusively on the inner working of the gut where 80% of our immune systems is housed. So if you have a friend who could be a little healthier no matter what their weight is – send this along. For the first time American children are not projected to live longer than their parents. Our diabetes rate is out of control – it is ok to be health conscience and sharing great info like this over social media or via email needs to be encouraged.


The following is an auto generated transcript to the video above – the gist is here but it is not proof read or corrected – we just wanted to give you something to follow along to.

okay let’s get started uh there’s so much information to cover I don’t know wait too much longer you got your time is valuable I don’t want to take up too much your time. I want to give you some stuff that you take with you right away and make some positive changes. so once again I always say hello to everyone thank you for joining me here tonight and now in today’s decided that there is someone pushing weight-loss programs on every corner which is great I mean that’s really good that’s that’s the start to a healthier lifestyle for many people losing weight is great but there’s more to it and that’s what we want to go over tonight.

Today our eating is a matter of life and death that sounds dramatic but believe me I am NOT trying I’m not one to over dramatize what have I told you that the for the first time in history children born today will be outlived by their parents to me that made me sick when I heard I’m a parent myself I have two daughters when I heard that I knew what I’m doing is great but we have to go deeper we have to start to make some positive changes in our community and make a positive trend, because we can change this but it’s going to be about the information I’m going to give you tonight to help you get started on those changes.

If we don’t change our eating right now we are setting ourselves up for chronic disease and illness and some of you may already be there – diabetes, heart disease, depression, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, chronic fatigue, and the list goes on and on – Alzheimer’s dementia definitely.

we’re going to talk about weight loss and all that stuff but our eating is the underlying cause of what’s going on and the damage that we have within our bodies is the underlying cause of our weight gain or weight problems but that’s just a minor part of it chronic disease and chronic illness is starting to show a connection right tour our stomach and our gut so our goals for our patients we address the underlying cause of disease joint pain disorder and weight gain or obesity and repair the damage – and as a side effect you will have weight loss or you will lose the weight and your health will improve

The key is if we don’t repair the damage within it doesn’t matter what the exterior looks like you’re still going to have chronic disease and chronic illness

but it starts with our eating and just because you’re thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy and there’s gonna be some people on here tonight that are thin that have health issues as well and that’s what I want to really address this is not just strictly about weight loss but that is an important part of what we’re gonna do

it’s about changing the way that we eat addressing the issues of with with our foods and what we’re putting into our body and then getting after that and making those corrections to kind of change our lives and lead a healthier lifestyle

first we want to remove the sources of what is doing the damage then we want to regenerate regenerate what they call the cell membrane we will explain this a little bit later then we want to rid the body of toxins reduced inflammation restore proper function within the gut

when I say gut I don’t mean some guys beer belly, I actually mean your gut system when the food goes in till it comes out as waste that’s your gut system and you’ll see a picture of it here coming up so we’re going to cover a lot of information and we’re going to go forward to show you how big this is and how much we need to make the changes now to affect the future generations coming  behind us here so we want to make sure we do that

here’s your gut there’s kind of a good picture of it comes down right from the right from your mouth all the way down through your intestinal tract all that stuff is involved right there the surface area of your gut is about two tennis courts so that’s a pretty big area the gut is its own ecosystem what do I mean by that an ecosystem is something like a rain forest the rain forest is a self thriving organism it depends on itself and it it regulates itself so it’s independent of any outside help for most part so for our for our ecosystem and a kind of corn that turn I’m kind of proud of we should be tree huggers for our ecosystem and and what that means is we should really worry about what’s going into our ecosystem within our body because that makes a huge difference with what goes on with our health and with what goes on with our children’s health and our family’s health and that’s what’s really important so first we got to embrace ourselves and then we got to teach and help others around us there’s a balance of good and bad bacteria within your gut system and if it comes out of balance then we start to see a breakdown

and if we don’t have a good microbiome and biodiversity within our body and our body’s not functioning with the right way then we start to see symptoms of inflammation development and I’m a key thing for me is always inflammation within the body, it goes back to my first time starting with weight loss, it was always the thing that I’ve always talked about.  Inflammation within the body is the underlying cause of not only weight game but also weight issues and also a lot of disease and the issues within the body too as well – so that’s one of the things we really want to address.

inflammation causes gut conditions such as dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or Candida – each of these conditions prevent your gut microbes from functioning and communicating the right way

diseases don’t just develop overnight and that’s one of the things that you know I always tell my patients these things don’t just happen overnight it takes time for certain things to develop within the body before we actually see it takes years of stress to systems to actually show itself and then give you more severe signs and symptoms

studies showed that five to ten years before disease develops or manifest you can measure the antibodies in the blood so 70% of your immune system is in your and that’s a that’s a powerful statement for you to understand your immune system is in your gut so if you’re eating bad you’re taking on all kinds of stress taking in toxins you’re gonna be chronically ill you’re gonna have sicknesses ,you know chronic colds – you might be the person that gets sick and October and you’re sick total March that’s because we have bad things going on within our gut that once we correct those things we start to make some positive changes we’ll start to see a big turnaround

70% of your immune system is in your gut so when we see breakdowns whenever doubt we see the body’s ability to fight off sickness and disease diminish evidence of this can be seen in another study that showed a hundred percent of autoimmune disorders can be traced directly to your gut health autoimmune disorders what is that you know everybody hears about them but they don’t understand what they actually are. some of them you may know diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, celiacs disease, Graves disease, Hashimoto’s disease those are some of the top ones that are out there

there are any different autoimmune disorders  – autoimmune disorders are one of the top ten causes of death so if you can change your eating and change your health and prevent autoimmune disorders by improving your gut health isn’t that a positive change? isn’t that something you would want to do? it’s something that you can do at home you don’t need anybody else to do it

you can change the way you eat by getting the right foods and get the right stuff and getting all that stuff in your system and making those changes they estimate that they estimate that twenty three point five million people are affected by autoimmune disorders that compares to about thirteen million or thirteen and a half million people there that have cancer so you can see it’s it’s even worse than then what people expect and look what people would think then we get into how your gut health affects your brain health and that’s gonna be on our next slide here and I’m gonna go over that with you so you can see the gut-brain connection there’s a lot of research coming out on this there’s a lot of talks a lot of research a lot of information out there about this connection one of the things is we talked about the ecosystem that we have within our gut how its self direct relating and now it has self control it can actually do a lot of the things on its own but it connects directly to your brain as well and it does that through the vagus nerve so more and more research has shown the deaf brain connection when the inflammation and the gut when there is

inflammation in the gut the vagus nerve I should say the vagus nerve and some of the neurons communicate with a brain and send out an SOS so when your gut becomes inflamed there’s some issues going on down in your ecosystem within your gut then there’s connection there that sends a message up to the brain and from the gut it reaches the brain causes the brain to respond with behaviors such as depression anxiety panic mood swings irritability there are even studies shown the link between gut health and Alzheimer’s and dementia more and more evidence is mounting that shows direct correlation between poor food choices stress and nutritional deficiencies and brain fog

cognitive issues memory issues so our food is robbing us of our health and well-being the good news is that the thing that is destroying our health is actually but the thing is they actually the cure or not I shouldn’t even say the cure I don’t like using that word but is actually the thing that’s gonna correct your health so our food is the key to getting back to health but it’s the right food choices that will get us back there [Music] here we go with inflammation again make sure overweight makes you sick put you in pain it does all those things and it also connects to all these different diseases here in conditions so cancer you can see that right away so 20 3.5 million people are affected by autoimmune disorders  which is caused by inflammation which in turn is a predecessor for cancers and different diseases too

So you can see there’s definitely a correlation zone right on so the early stages of cancer are really inflammation that cancer doesn’t show up until about 15 years after it’s starting to develop within the body that’s when it becomes visible so those things don’t like I said before those things take time to show up they take a while to show up and before you even know it you start to have those signs and symptoms and by that time you you’re you’re really sick and you really got to do something about it so that’s what we went on we want to prevent that stuff from happening in the first place I just want to go back here one second you know I harp on inflammation in a mention this a lot chronic inflammation is what makes it very hard to lose weight and what makes it very hard to keep it off one of the problems we have is our Western diet which is what we here in America is high in carbohydrates low in fats and it’s a big culprit of inflammation and that with the high stress of today lack of movement lack of being in nature and you have a recipe for poor health

I mean really our diet is based on the false information the Western diet is the worst diet and and it shows up and you’ll see them some slides later on how bad it is for us and where it’s leading us here we go with the secret killer and then the real cost of cheap food Time magazine has run these articles and they put them on the cover because they’re really important and and it’s true I always tell my patients you’re either gonna pay now you’re gonna pay later you’re using to pay for a little bit more for good foods or else later on you’re gonna pay with you know healthy health poor health and and the cost of having poor health and I believe me I’d rather pay a little bit more now for good food that have to go through with that what you have to go through after eat bad food for long periods of time you can see inflammation there it goes right to heart attacks cancer and Alzheimer’s that’s just kind of reiterating what we’ve already talked about it definitely has its effect on your body and its effect on disease that’s thought I was telling you about most obese that are inflamed we’re ranked number one so it’s not where we want to be as far as a ranking for this they estimate 50% of our population will be overweight or obese we are one of the most technologically advanced countries and yet we have the worst health and that’s we’re ranked I think 37th in the world as far as health care and it might be even dropping from there

so that kind of gives you an idea that our medical profession is still crippled and still supports a low carb low fat diet and a high carbohydrate diet based on this information and I’m not blaming them they’re not really taught the right ways of understanding nutrition and that’s their standard of practice is not to really use nutrition it’s really to use pharmaceuticals to help treat disease and illness so what we got to do is look at how do we treat health and treat you know treat you naturally and with good things and that’s where food comes into playing their nutritional background is very little and so they’re teaching you from the teachings that they had at school which is based off of the food pyramid which is based off of old stuff which isn’t even healthy which isn’t even the right information at this time so really we must get more advanced in our understanding of nutrition to better serve our population or to serve our people and serve our youth which you know we just talked about earlier

so now let’s get on to the good stuff how do we turn it around get healthy and lose weight in the process so you can see the five steps to recovery here improve diet lifestyle choices number one that’s really what we’re going to do we got to improve our nutritional levels we got to minimize our toxicity reduce inflammation and reduce oxidation minimize mental and emotional stress our world is full of stress today and we get bombarded by it on a constant basis so number one improve our diet lifestyle choices first happens starting to repair the damage to is to change the diet I mean that’s that’s research-based we must first change the diet I’m not here to bash on the programs one of them one thing I must say is that eating smaller portions of bad food is not the answer in short run or short term you may lose weight but the underlying damage remains and most likely you will put that weight back on or suffer from the inflammatory diseases we discussed earlier

so eating bad food and small portions not the right answer it’s definitely not the right answer because inflammatory foods are inflammatory no matter what whether you do it in small portions and whether you do it large portions the key to health is moderation that’s not always true eating moderately eating foods that are bad for you in moderation will lead the inflammatory processes inflammatory diseases and bad health so what we want to do is get an anti-inflammatory diet going and that’s what we want to teach you is how to do that and that’s what we teach you with a lot of our programs we go into an anti-inflammatory diet start to reverse some of the damage that’s being done and then we build off of that now something to be said not all health food is healthy for you some healthy foods are inflammatory to some people some are not to other people so there’s no cookie cutter program that allows you to step right in and everybody can eat the same thing and get the same results we have to discuss and look what’s going on within your body and then figure out what’s going on with your body and make those changes and sometimes that’s through trial and error we test something out on you your body reacts we pull it away you can do some testing we can do some stool samples we do your analysis we do some breath tests and all these different tests that we can do that are out there that are available those will give us some some idea but we’d always just start with the diet first that we see what’s going on once you make those changes we could start to see some positive things happening.

then we can go into the deeper studies if we need to do that improve nutritional levels nutrition that working they’re talking about right here supplementation you don’t always get everything within your diet from your foods that you eat especially if you’re eating bad foods you’re really not going to get anything in your diet that you really need in many cases so um what we need to do is talk about essential nutrients so essential nutrients are like vitamin D probiotics and Omega 3 Omega 3s then we get into magnesium zinc iodine vitamin A they help to and a lot of the processes that take place and they go in process with them and guys ask me we need to know some stuff and the help get some stuff in to help aid in the process of the healing so our office uses liquids and other supplementation to help get that done you want to detox yeah we want to clean it out I want to get all that’s bad stuff out that way we’re put good stuff in to kind of rebuild and repair and and we we get it back regenerate it back to where it should be and get a function of the way that it should be.

If you go to Walmart you think you’re gonna get a deal and start pumping it in gummy bears that are in the vitamins section – that stuff’s garbage – it’s synthetic, it’s going to cause more damage to your body than anything else

you really have to know your supplementation you really have to put the money towards that because that’s also extremely important that you put good stuff in because you put good stuff in you get good results you put bad stuff in to get bad results so it goes with your supplementation as well we gotta memorize toxicity everybody’s in a toxic overload right now there is so much stuff going on around us our environment is the toxic gum and and so we go into taxes need fluoride mercury cosmetics insecticides pesticides aluminum BPA LED exhaust fumes and the list goes on and on that word at the bottom of the slide there I want you to remember that because if you take nothing from this today besides that word that’ll be a word that will haunt you because it’s gonna tell you that I actually know what I’m talking about that glyphosate that’s a word that if you if you punch it into your computer it’s gonna come up all over the place you google it it’s gonna tell you about all the dangers of what’s going on with that it’s banned in a lot of other countries in Europe but the u.s. we still use it and it’s a top toxic major toxic pesticide they’re finally in our blood and our urine and in other soil and soil samples all over the place so it’s a very bad toxic thing that we’re ingesting on a daily basis.

unless you eat a really good diet to be chief toxins everywhere the FDA has approved approximately 3000 food additives preservatives and colorings the average person ingests 150 pounds of average additives every year that’s just additives I mean that is toxic to the body alone pesticides of three million tons of pesticides are used each year worldwide more than 1,600 chemicals are used in production most have been tested for their toxic levels on humans exposure has been linked to nervous system disorders immune system suppression childhood cancer breast cancer diabetes reproductive damage hormone problems asthma ADHD autism migraines headaches developmental delays all those things are related right back to pesticides and we’ll feed that to our kids temp tunes that you should really buy organic there’s a ton of foods that you should do this but strawberries you can see right there non organic strawberries tested contained 22 different pesticides

Spanish Nani’s 97% of the samples of spinach contains pesticide red wow that’s a tough word their pesticide pesticide residues including a neurotoxin and insecticide so not only you’re getting the pesticides but you’re getting a neurotoxin that you’re ingesting that’s insecticides on spinach you think you’re eating something healthy it just goes to show unless you buy the right stuff you’re not eating something healthy nectarines 94% contains some sort of pesticide you get in apples our apples are banned in Europe because they’re so full of contaminants that they don’t even want them over there so that just gives you an idea

grapes contain an average of five pesticides

peaches 99% of detected detectable pesticide residues

pears the same thing

tomatoes – grow your own it’s the easiest thing to grow I think that’s if you don’t have a green thumb iced it I think you still can grow a tomato

celery – 13 pesticides were detected on one sample alone

potatoes if you don’t get organic you’re getting pesticides because they’re in the ground there were the talk system toxins are there soap enough they’re taking it in

that’s just a the top 10 it goes on and on there’s there’s foods that are so loaded with pesticides that are just really ripping us apart and if you don’t understand why you should buy organic this list should scare you into doing that because you think you’re eating something healthy you’re actually doing damage to your body so you want to learn to avoid toxins as well minimize drugs other toxins and surger. Buy meat as much as possible organic produce free-range grass-fed organic foods

above all else non-gmo I cannot stress that enough non-gmo is the most important part of this avoid processed foods remember that they’re processed with chemicals

only use natural cleaning products in your home you know there’s some great ones out that Meijer has a great product line there’s some other great ones out there you can use vinegar you can use different things use the natural stuff because all that all the stuff you buy that is not natural contains chemicals that we soak in we breathe in we you know we ingest it by touching they’re doing different things so it’s very important to do that as well switch to natural brands of toiletries including shampoo toothpaste and purse prints and cosmetics toothpastes you know some of the brands out there they contain fluoride fluoride is not necessary in today’s world and it’s toxic it can do damage to your body so look at some of the natural brands there’s some really good ones out there that gives great results

we want to reduce inflammation this starts with a diet it’s easy to change right away you eat anti-inflammatory food you eat Whole Foods organic non-gmo that’s what we just went over this is how you’re gonna reduce the inflammation right away local organic farms are best eat the grass-fed eat free-range chickens eat the eggs that are non-gmo free-range chickens it will take you will take the right supplements as well you want to take those supplements that are definitely from a good well weight well known company that has you know your best interest and and not the bottom line at heart so you want to make sure you do those things really important for brain health and decrease the inflammatory issues to eat the right foods do the right things and as you do that you’re going to see a change and it’s going to start to change and it’s going to be a gradual change with with that comes as you reduce the inflammation your weights going to drop it that’s one of the things that you have to work on

Brain health is going to improve your cognition, your memory all those things are gonna start to improve or start to see a change your energy levels are gonna start to shoot up you never start to feel a huge difference just by making that little change in changing your inflammation.

when we look at our foods healthy fats is the number one missing nutrient that we want to have in our diet – everybody says low fat, low fat,  low fat that’s garbage you need fat that’s what your brain feeds off of you can see that your hormones feed off of that your cell membrane feeds off of that you needed to lose weight fat burns fat there’s no doubt about it so eating good fats is really important where do you get good fats well healthy fats come from olive oils fish oils you can get it from avocado oil and Mikado’s walnuts raw seeds coconuts rope butter don’t buy margarine don’t buy that fake stuff buy the real butter buy raw cheese and and yogurt grass-fed meats we talked about that all those things fatty fish are best don’t ever buy farm-raised fish you might as well go buy Morton’s you know coated fish then the freezer shuts touching because that’s about the same thing it’s it’s garbage it’s not healthy for you you got to buy wild-caught fish and that goes for your seen through any seafood you should get wild-caught always healthy fats what they do they don’t the cell membranes they absorb vitamins they cushion vital organs they protect you from extreme temperature temperatures regulate make up the book building blocks of hormones lowers inflammation healthy fat lowers inflammation allows proper cellular detox through the cell membrane makes up 70% of the brain tissue conjugates linoleic acid which fat burning rare arachidonic acid is for brain functions so you see what it does it helps with the brain three things you should do right now you should eat good fats eliminate bad fats damaged fats on replacing with healthy fats eliminate toxins start at the top of the food chain and just start getting rid of those things you know and start getting them off sugar eliminate sugar this is pretty scary the average person the average American I should say consumes 53 teaspoons per day of sugar that will not allow you to lose weight that will not allow you to be healthy that will not allow you to live a long life and a healthy life

you got to reduce your mental emotional stress this is where exercise comes in this is where nature steps in as well exercise is a great stress reducer it’s also I moved with a mood booster not a mood booster a mood booster so it is vital to everyday life especially in these times what type of exercise makes a difference too as well so you don’t want to just go out and just do an exercise or go to a gym just go through the motions of doing an exercise I’m just going to waste your time research shows that an HIIT exercise is the best for you it’s gonna reduce inflammation it’s going to improve the cardiovascular health it’s gonna burn more calories than do a lot more for you what does HIIT stands for high intensity interval training that doesn’t mean that if you’re 80 years old that you have to go out there and do it join a CrossFit gym what it means is that you’ve got to change what you’re doing – so if you’re walking on a treadmill which I’d rather you walk outside when the weather is nice but if you’re walking you speed up a little bit you speed up a little bit more then you slow down you speed up a little bit you speed up a little bit more than you slow down you don’t do the same pace over and over again if you’re lifting weights you can do tomatoes or different things like that where you’re going at a faster pace lower awake if you need to but doing certain exercises for a certain period of time change it to a different exercise changing to a different exercise and do that over and over again we help do all that stuff because it can be crazy to think about this I’m actually a certified trainer as well so that’s one of things we do help our patients with simple steps go a long way so if you start off with something small then you build up to something bigger don’t get too crazy you can walk outside your house walk five minutes away walk five minutes back just do that interval training we can do a workout in ten minutes it’s more beneficial than doing a 30-minute treadmill walk at the same pace over and over again get outside I cannot stress this enough nature is healing in one of the simplest things you can do is go outside take your socks and shoes all off put your feet in the grass and just stand there and soak in what’s going on around you

one of the things that I like to tell people to do is while you’re doing that you know show gratitude you know I’m a faith-based person you know I thank God for a lot of things that I have I thank God for where I’m not I thank God for where I’m gonna be I kind of think those things over don’t get I look at my goals and I focus on those goals and I am and I know that I’m set on what I want to do and I keep thinking those things over and over again and I let the stress just disappear and I turn those things over that I can’t control to God and I let him take care of it I kind of focus on the things that I can control and so reflect on your blessings in your life and let go

We worry too much we’re bombarded by too much stuff turn the news off turn up the stuff off it’s not gonna do anything for you anyway so turn all that stuff off around you focus on you give yourself 10 15 minutes half hour of just being you letting yourself be you and and and doing the things that you can do to kind of control what’s going on in your life and being thankful for what you do have it’s not worrying about what you don’t have it all the time and that’s that’s easier said than done sometimes but it’s really important to do sleep comes into play here too we got to get good sleep so turn off your cell phones turn off the TV that stuff will be there another day go to bed get those good hours of sleep get get some graceful sleep because that goes a long way as well all those things come in to the mental and emotional stress that that it’s bombard us on a regular basis so get rid of all that stuff start to focus on you start to focus on your health and the possibilities of what you can do with that exercise this is Plato this is years ago way long time ago even then and there’s lack of activities destroys the good condition of every human being while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it that’s the truth we need to do exercise but we need to do the right exercise whether it’s walking in the woods whether it’s being out in nature whether it’s doing those things it’s doing it the right way it’s not healthy to do the same thing at the same heart rate for the same time every day you may burn some calories you may do those things but it’s not going to lead the weight loss for sure and it’s not going to lead to better health in many cases because you’re not doing the right things to do to get you where where you want to be

the power of positive thinking – once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones you’ll start having positive results that came from Willie Nelson you are today where your thoughts have brought you you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you whatever you believe you can achieve that scientific credibility that’s true what our thoughts do they carry us a long way so looking at things a lot differently you should really start to focus on that break down your goals write down your lists make them forward up with all your goals and with all the things that you want to accomplish with your life houses that you want things that you want all those things put it in front of you yeah ideal weight that you want don’t think about the number think about the body shape and where your body shape you what body shape you want to have we focus too much on numbers um weight loss is really important but I want you to get to a healthy weight be healthy that’s the most important thing I don’t want you to be looking at a magazine and think that you have to be a hundred fifteen pounds five foot eight and look like that that’s not healthy we want you to be healthy and and that goes a long way  and doing that is just simply about changing your eating and doing some things that we have we offer here at the office

so we can help that’s the biggest thing I want to get across to you and this is my grand finale big finish so if you give me a few minutes I’m just going to talk to you about this you see the weight loss thing here you see my – you could see the phone number there and we definitely could help I was once where we once where you are right now I you know I was eating bad I was I’m healthy I’m clean athlete former collegiate knocking there I should say I play rugby I still play rugby it’s 30 years now I’ve been playing rugby I take care of myself exercise but I got into a rut where I was doing some bad stuff eating some bad foods got way off track and put on a lot of weight I lost 40 pounds in 23 days when I kicked him up with this program and that was the launch of this program we have multiple programs though it’s not always about weight loss then people need help too and just because you’re thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy and there’s a lot of those to this so a lot of our programs address not only weight issues and reduce inflammation issues health issues joint issues pain discomfort all those things that you you go through on a daily basis because of poor eating for health choices poor environments around us so what we want to do is tell you that we’re there to help you we can guide you my program is doctor supervised so what I do is every day you check in with me I tell you what to do I’m gonna be there with you every step of the way you have questions you get a hold of me you have something that’s bothering you you let me know we talk to you about that we talk to you about the mental aspects we talk to you about the physical aspects we talk to you about the right things to do the wrong things to do and we’re talking about the workouts and exercise too as well but our weight loss program is great our post program is top-notch and that’s where I really come into play because not only do we want to get the weight off but we also want to teach you how to eat and get you going in the right direction for a lifestyle change we want to change your life so that you lead a healthier life and that’s the most important thing you go do any program out there possibly and do lose weight you know there’s a lot of programs that help a lot of people and they lose weight but what we want to do is change your life change what’s going on within your body get you on the right path and that way you can help others around you your family members teach them what to do get them going in the right direction we’re here to help you get that go in the right direction we do free consultation so you don’t have to do it in person I can do it over the phone so if you’re we have people all around the country that we deal with on a regular basis so we have people calling in all the time we ship the stuff out that we have to ship out we talked to them on a regular basis we have it all under control so everything’s there we can do it in person if you want to meet me in person that’s great I want to meet you too so we want to be able to help you so no hesitate to ask me any questions through email don’t hesitate to check out our website and then ask questions it’s more about getting you healthy and weight loss is a side effect of getting you healthy and that’s what I want to do so really look for more webinars look for more information coming out we’re going to try and do as much as we can to help as many people as we can how poised where you are at I changed my life and now I want to help you change yours and more school and I’m getting the more understanding that I understand what’s going on around us the scary it is and the more I want to help you the more I see that it’s overwhelming for people out there to understand what they should do and shouldn’t do so please contact me once again I must say thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule to fit me in I hope you learned something tonight I hope you make a positive change and I’m here for you just Call.

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